Quick Testrun

Today I constructed a quick maze with some placeholder "keys" to collect.

Had my roomates run through it and give feedback.

Ragentall roams the maze, his footsteps audible when he is nearby. By operating gates, the player can navigate the map without being followed by Ragentall. However, various tunnels carved out of the walls allow him to access the map.

The game is primarily driven by being jumpscared by Ragentall, as shadows are VERY close. If you are moving too fast you may stumble into him outright.

Thinking about adding

  • Breathing/Growling/Gurgling/Vocal fry noise for when Ragentall is nearby
  • Side/Back view of Ragentall
  • A couple of options for the player to use for when Ragentall is near
  • Enemies???

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